To make these classes available to everyone during this time of social distancing, all our classes are now live streaming using Zoom Meetings.

Getting set up the first time takes a few minutes so it’s best to step through the set up described below before it is time for class. If you have problems please email to schedule a help session.

Thanks to Marc from MKBC Portland for these helpful instructions!

Method #1: Through your computer
Click on­

If you have trouble connecting your audio or video, close those prompts. You will still hear and see the teacher during class without enabling audio or video.

If you get to a screen that says “Kelsang Milob’s Personal Meeting Room” you’re all set.

Click “End Meeting” to exit.

Method #2: Through your smartphone, iPad or Android tablet Download the free “Zoom Cloud Meetings” app on your smartphone or tablet

Once you’ve installed it, start Zoom

1. Tap Join a Meeting

2. Enter the meeting ID “415-288-6507

3. Tap Join

4. Tap Join with Video or Join without Video – your choice

5. Tap Call using Internet Audio – once you are in, you may mute your microphone

6. If you get to a screen that says “Kelsang Milob’s Personal Meeting Room” you’re all set.

7. Tap Leave – Leave Meeting to exit.

Using it

If you have experience with Zoom and video conferencing, please reach out and help others get connected.

Muting yourself

It’s not necessary but sometimes helpful to mute yourself while your just listening, because sometimes our mic may pick up some background noise. On the bottom left of your screen you should see a button to Mute/Unmute yourself. On your phone, you have to tap any place on the screen once to see the buttons.

Showing yourself

No one should ever feel that they’re expected to turn on their camera, each person has total control to turn it on or off before they start the meeting and during it. The Start/Stop Video button is just to the right of the Mute/Unmute button. Feel free to control that however you wish, but I will say that it’s fun to see each others faces, especially in these times when we’re necessarily more isolated.

The Brady Bunch

Once we get it generally functioning and become familiar with it, there’s a lot of neat features we can start to play with to enhance the remote Sangha experience. Just to preview one: once you’re in a meeting, if you’re on your phone swipe left, or if you’re on your computer click on Gallery View at the top right of your screen, and you’ll be taken into a grid view of everyone’s cameras, reminiscent of the Brady Bunch opening, or if you prefer, Hollywood Squares. You can get back to the normal speaker/audience mode by swiping right (phone) or clicking Speaker View on the top right of your computer screen.